Category of Persons

Indirect property investments are the sphere of activity of several categories of persons, in particular:

1. Initiators of the real estate legal entity, the so-called investment vehicle (active property investors)

  • Property owners who wish to make the property portfolio available to a wider public for the purposes of diversification, operational size and market effect and, where applicable, exit plans
  • Initiators in the building trade who are interested in the construction output of the investment legal entity (investment vehicle as principal)
  • Dubious investment initiators (specific type of fund manager, frequently promising high yields) of building projects with the advantage that the building project investments tend to allow investors to make gains, recruit financial assets, but usually siphon off commission as well as potential property gains in advance through self-dealing); cf. here the Enforcement Table of FINMA in relation to observation and liquidation mandates.

2. Capital investors (passive property investors)

  • Institutional investors (life insurance companies, pension funds and other pension providers, family offices, equity funds and other funds)
  • Private investors and small investors
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