Investment Properties

Neither is it possible to avoid direct property investment through indirect property investment, the level is simply different, one level below the legal entity in which the participating interests in the indirect investment are held.

Corporate bodies that hold properties are faced with the issues of direct property investment.

They are essentially:

Real estate Investments

  • Types of real estate
  • Real estate in Switzerland
  • Real estate abroad
    • Knowledge of the market is indispensable / involvement of excellent advisers (performance or success fee dependent on portfolio performance and not on the purchase of the real estate)
    • Consideration of another market and refinancing situation
    • Foreign exchange risk
      • Foreign currency as an additional risk that should not be underestimated,
      • Worst case
        • Cumulation of property and foreign exchange loss
        • Elimination of property gain through foreign exchange loss
        • Best case
          • Property and real exchange gain
  • Corporate real estate
  • Buying and selling real estate

Property Management

  • Portfolio Management
    • Level: property portfolio
    • Ensuring efficiency of use
      • Earnings growth
      • Risk reduction
    • Optimisation of property portfolio
      • Adjustment of property portfolio
      • Property mix
        • Location
        • Use
        • User
    • Refinancing and hedging strategies
  • Facility Management
    • Level: individual property
    • Technical operation
    • Letting / Management
  • Cf. Direct Property Investment

Real Estate Valuation

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