Property OEICs

The investment company with variable capital (OEIC) is a company with capital that is not determined in advance and with a number of company and investor shares that are not specified in advance, and whose sole purpose is to operate as a collective investment scheme and for whose debts only the company’s assets are liable.

The structure of the OEIC is presented as follows:

  • Company limited by shares based on that in the Swiss Code of Obligations
  • Own legal personality
  • Total assets
    • Assets of the company shareholders
    • (Several) segments of investor shares
  • Type of shares
    • Company shares
    • Investor shares
  • Executive bodies
    • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    • Board of Directors (BoD)
    • Auditors approved by FINMA
  • Type of management
    • Self-managed OEICs
    • Externally managed OEICs


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